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From Plastic to Glass

From Plastic to GlassThe last several years, the quality of the plastic tasting mug at the OBF has not been as acceptable as in the past. Consumers have noticed an unpleasant plastic smell that didn't dissipate rapidly, and it became evident that it was time to make a change. At the same time, the festival has been seriously looking at its carbon footprint; we've increased our recycling efforts, both on the back end with food vendors, and on-site with consumers. Switching to glass is one more piece of the puzzle.

We've had concerns expressed about glass breakage, and have looked to other festivals as an example. Locally, the Spring Beer & Wine Fest has always served its beers in glass, as has the Portland International Beerfest. Neither event has had serious issues with broken glass.

The OBF tasting glasses will have the current year's artwork printed on them with the date, and will be considered a souvenir item. For those who don't wish to take their glass home, we will have recycling stations set up at every exit.

Ultimately, the Oregon Brewers Festival believes most beer drinkers would prefer to see, smell and taste a beer in a glass over a plastic mug. A glass offers the consumer the ultimate beer tasting experience, and in the end, that's the goal of any festival. Cheers!