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Meet the Makers of your Favorite Beer & Cider

July 24, 2019 | Event | by

Join us at our Meet the Brewer Tent and meet the makers of your favorite beers & ciders! Sponsored by County Malt Group.

Wednesday, 12-1:30pm
Jeremy Borde’, Ram Brewery, Regional Brewer
Justin Miller, Hopworks Urban Brewery, Head Brewer
Mike Mathis, Cascade Brewing, Head Brewer
Tim Hohl, Coin Toss Brewing, Head Brewer/Owner

Wednesday, 1:30-3pm
Michael Mellott, Deep Space Brewing, Head Brewer
Patrick Raasch, Sunriver Brewing Co., Head Brewer
Kobold Brewing, Steve Anderson, Head Brewer
Michael Kinion, Vertigo Brewing, Brewer/Co Founder

Wednesday, 3-4:30pm
Ryan Nicolai, Sasquatch Brewery, Head Brewer
Brandon Crews, Weekend Beer Co, Brewer/Owner
Lindsay Allen, pFriem Family Brewers
Josh Jennings & Nico Peralta, Three Mugs Brewing Co, Brewer/Owner

Wednesday, 4:30-6pm
John Harris, Ecliptic Brewing, Brewer/Owner
Ben Love, Gigantic Brewing, Brewer/Owner
Tyler Martell, Brewer, StormBreaker Brewing

Thursday, 12-1:30pm
Bryan Keilty, Lompoc Brewing, Head Brewer
Brent Nygard, RiverBend Brewing, Head Brewer
Alex Ganum, Upright Brewing, Head Brewer
Mason Davis, Breakside Brewery

Thursday, 1:30-3pm
Nick Herrera, Labrewatory, Head Brewer
Kevin Hanny, Migration Brewing, Lead Brewer
Jamie Howard, Deluxe Brewing, Owner

Thursday, 4:30-6pm
Nick Martin, Monkless Belgian Ales
Matt Dakopolos, Xicha Brewing Co, Headbrewer/Owner
Deron Davenport, Portland Cider Company, Head Cider Maker/Cider Shaman
Curly White, Wild Ride Brewing, Director of Brewing Operations

Friday, 12-1:30pm
Steve Light, Freebridge Brewing, Brewer/Owner
Kasey McCullough, Ferment Brewing Co., Head Brewer
Patrick Hinken, Klamath Basin Brewing, Lead Brewer
Todd Britt, Rock Bottom Brewery, Brewmaster

Friday, 1:30-3pm
Brian Chapman & Hayden Reynolds, Worthy Brewing, Brewers
Courtney Lacey, Portland Brewing, Brewer
Joel Sheley, Gateway Brewing, Head Brewer

Friday, 4:30-6pm
Jason & Kelly Blair, MadCow Brewing, Head Brewer
Tom Torresdal, Portland Brewing Co.
Tim Schoenheit, Alex Schoenheit, Stickmen Brewing Company
Charles Porter, Little Beast Brewing, Head Brewer/Owner

Saturday, 12-1:30pm
Aaron Andersen, 2 Towns Ciderhouse, Specialty Product & Quality Development Cidermaker
Brian Maxson, Immersion Brewing, Sales & Distribution
Kody Green, McMenamins on Monroe Brewery

Saturday, 1:30-3pm
Gabe Hornsby, Arch Rock Brewing, Sales/Distribution
Jason Rizos, Funhouse Brews, Brewer

Saturday, 3-4:30pm
Nate Doss, Bevel Craft Brewing, Brewer
Piper Gladwill, Golden Valley Brewery