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Introducing PDX WAV: Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles For Hire in Portland

May 14, 2019 | Press Release | by

The City of Portland recently started PDX WAV to help make sure that customers who need accessible transportation have equal access to on-demand transportation options with permitted taxi companies and TNCs (Uber and Lyft).

The Oregon Brewers Festival is pleased to be working with PDX WAV, which provides safe, reliable wheelchair-accessible vehicles (WAV’s) when people need them.

We are pleased to work with PDX WAV, offering Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles For Hire in Portland. The City of Portland is offering anyone who requires a wheelchair accessible vehicle with a ramp discounted rides to and from this event when using PDX WAV.

Click HERE to download your coupon on the day of the event.

If you prefer to use Uber or Lyft, use this promo code BREWPDXWAV  before requesting the ADA accessible ride.

Call PDX WAV to arrange the ride on the day of the event by calling 503-865-4WAV (865-4928)

Show the coupon to your driver and your ride will cost you only $5 each way.   (You pay the first $5 and the City will pay the rest – up to a maximum of $40.  If the ride is over $40, the driver will charge you $5 plus anything over $40)

Soon after the driver validates your coupon, you will be eligible to download a second coupon for your return ride home by clicking on the same link.  Coupons are only valid when presented by a passenger with a wheelchair or mobility device.