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Brewer Dunk Tank

July 23, 2019 | Uncategorized | by

Dunk a brewer while raising money for charity! Visit the Brewer Dunk Tank at the UCP Oregon Booth by the Pine St. entrance. Here’s the lineup:

1-2pm: Chris Wells, Ram Brewery
2pm-3pm: Mike Haines, Vertigo
3pm-4pm: Abram Goldman Armstrong, Cider Riot!
4pm-5pm: Jerry Fechter, Lompoc Brewing
5pm-6pm: Brandon Crews, Weekend Beer
6pm-7pm: Jason Blair, MadCow Brewing
7pm-8pm: Blaize Meyerholtz, Natian Brewing

1-2pm: Aimee Bolinger Deluxe Brewing Co.
3pm-4pm: Matt Dakopolos Xicha Brewing Co
6pm-7pm: Cynthia Kinney Natian Brewing

1-2pm: Todd Britt Rock Bottom Brewery
2pm-3pm: Rachel Wilson Labrewatory
3pm-4pm: Jake Blumenfeld Sasquatch
4pm-5pm: Rob Lutz StormBreaker
5pm-6pm: Jordan Davis Hopworks
6pm-7pm: Alex Schoenheit Stickmen Brewing

1-2pm: Aaron Wichler Sasquatch
2pm-3pm: Piper Gladwill Golden Valley Brewery
3pm-4pm: Gabe Hornsby Arch Rock Brewing
4pm-5pm: Justin Celmer Bevel Craft Brewing